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5 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap, Online Glasses in Flagstaff, AZ

Is cheaper always better? Is it worth spending the extra money on designer frames? We get asked that questions a lot. Over the last few years, a number of online stores have offered a way for people to buy cheap glasses. What could be wrong? Below, we'll tell you what to expect.


What are the issues with buying cheap, online glasses?

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  1. The prescription - When making tons of eyeglasses, these online stores are bound to make mistakes to your prescription. This is especially true for those with a high prescription or astigmatism.
  2. Repairs - It is often hard to get these online stores to do repairs. Hey, if you spent $6 on a pair of glasses, you break it, too bad.
  3. Coating - The anti-glare coating is usually done quite cheaply which means it will likely rub off in a few weeks. Welcome scratches.
  4. Warranty - Again, at $6 a pair, you aren't getting a warranty.
  5. Support local - It's always encouraged to support the local stores. We do appreciate that :).

When making a decision on where to buy your next pair of glasses, it's always a good idea to think about if going cheap is worth it. You may end up buying multiple pairs and that can cost more down the road.